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500 dollar 1911 vs 3,000 dollar 1911

Comparing an inexpensive 1911 with a very expensive 1911.
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3V1L3MP1R3 : LOL when I am getting my game on(online shooter games) and someone cheating is saying some dumb comment (you just cant aim or shoot,etc) I think This "Good Luck on using your aimbot cheat in REAL life as in using a REAL firearm". Man nice crack shots!! How long have you been shootin that range up? Thanks for the information. :D
Dice Doomkid : Guns are guns and lead is lead. I appreciate them all. Plain or with icing.
craig leedham : You are some shooter.
Love watching your videos.
I don't get the pleasure of shooting them shorts of guns, living in the UK
SteveO Rules : Had a colt 45 hold up for over 22 years, loved that gun. Get convicted of a non violent misdemeanor and they take my permit☹️. 20 years later still miss my colt. Clean slate act NY needs to pass.
detseroneLAG : Really enjoyed this video, specially because it's about my favorite hand gun. So much knowledge, and it's delivered in a very friendly and entertaining manner. This man is awesome . Thank you for a great video.

Kimber CUSTOM LW 1911 review

#Kimber Custom LW (Lightweight) #9mm #1911 review

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Hoosier Heathen : Never been a kimber fan. Idk why, just don’t do it for me. I’ll always watch though
John D'Orazio : When I see another of your 1911 reviews, I can't click fast enough. My example of this fine gun is in FDE. All of my Kimbers have been great. Paid $599.00.

BTW, just joined up on Patreon. Let's support this channel, tons of great unbiased content, especially for us 1911 folks.
John Grytbakk : Beauty.
Todd B : How does this compare to the Springfield 1911 Ronin?
Midnight Hour : Those Kimber 1911’s are schaweet!!!

1911 - 9mm vs 45 ACP

In this week's episode, Larry breaks down his thoughts on 9mm versus 45 ACP. He also gives some tips on buying and customizing your own 1911. Go check out the video and remember to subscribe below.

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J : I love 9mm hollow point for conceal. Even though a .45 packs a wallop, I don't want to carry a subcompact with .45ACP
Anderson C : As a civilian that's never been in a gunfight (and hopes never to be in one) I'd think for combat the 9mm 1911 would be the way to go. Men have been stopped with 22 cal's (close range..head shot)...or so I've heard). Getting shot with a 9mm round vs a 45 acp...I doubt the difference would be that noticeable. It's gonna HURT!! :) Hit a bone? More so. And of course capacity.

The only reason to carry or use a 45 acp 1911 ACP is for nostalgia reasons. It's a classic. Ok I guess for "home defence" (if carrying spare mags) or conceal carry. Have in the car. Open carry for security guards accompanying jewellery shop owner to bank at the end of the day or for the sales person to carry...

I don't think any one really NEEDS any caliber beyond a 9mm. The other calibers just help gun/ammo sales. :) Will any one carry a 50 cal or 454 CASUL into any kind of battle? Hmmm...
Vincent Silva : True fact who cares what round you carry over the other both will get the job done no problem me personally I like both 9MM and 45ACP as long as I'm shooting I'm good
Maveric Roy : Xcellent comparison & analysis. To me, 1911 in 9mm is a perfect handgun for self defense, it's light, stable with low recoil & accurate to shoot. 45 ACP is for warrior shooters to me :)
gary K : Browning designed the High Power for the 9mm. Just sayin' All my 1911s are .45 ACP, because they are 1911s. I use nothing but Wilson Combat mags in any 1911.
I don't hate the 9mm. I also have a Browning High Power.




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